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Our most frequently asked questions

How do your services work?

We manage and optimise your businesses social media platforms by understanding your business type and your business goals. By understanding how to create customer value within your businesses target market, each of our social media strategies are tailored to your business to maximise brand image and facilitate organic brand growth. If you’re a local business selling products - that means more sales! If you’re a musician playing local shows - that means more seats filled! Whatever your business it, it means more of what you are striving for. If your business is struggling to reach customers, gain traction in your market or simply is not receiving the attention it deserves, contact us and we can help you out. Conversely, if you simply want to hire a social media manager for your business because you don’t want or have the time to do it, we can also help you out.

If I purchase your service, will 1 month be enough?

Because we focus on gaining high quality, organic and lasting consumers for your business, our services are not a ‘flick of the switch’ solution. On average it takes about 3 months to see obvious results with our methods, therefore we always recommend this. This is because we DO NOT facilitate fake likes, follows, or shares on your profiles. However if you simply need someone to step in for a month to spice things up or to just cover that months content, we can also do that.

What’s the secret? What are you doing that I am not? It’s just social media, anybody can manage it…

We don’t give our methods away for free, however the secret (that is not much of a secret) is simply creating value for your customers. If you can figure this out and use social media platforms to communicate and deliver this value to your customers, then they will come. If you can’t figure this out, then that is what we are for! ;) If used strategically, social media platforms can be an outstandingly economic and effective method in reaching and connecting with your customers, and while best used in conjunction with adequate traditional marketing methods, in this day and age a strong social media presence is a necessity for a successful business.