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social media management & marketing services for small businesses

Bloomed Services

We recognise that every business is different, so we create a tailored marketing strategy specifically for your business. Create your tailored marketing plan by building off our core plan, or contact our social media marketing expert using the button below if you have special requirements or need advice.

Our core service package is $500 p/month and includes the following core services

  • Regular social media updates and posting (up to 3 social media platforms)

  • Branded promotional graphics

  • Sharing of high-performing curated articles about your business’ industry

  • Back-links to drive traffic to your website

  • Monthly data reports to measure and assess results

  • 24/7 expert consultation and advise whenever you need it

Upgrade and tailor your plan with these additional services

  • Social listening and monitoring using a licensed marketing tool ($100 p/ month)

  • Strategic marketing campaigns (involving traditional and digital methods) ($200 p/month)

  • Targeted email campaigns ($200 p/ month)

  • Competitor surveillance ($150 p/ month)

  • Re-branding ($300 p/ re-brand)

Our services operate on a monthly contract and are therefore priced for one months service


Need help deciding which additional services to include in your marketing plan? Click the button below to get in contact with our marketing expert to help you decide!